December 11th thru 13th 2020

Socially Safe Event

We meet and exceed all local and State guidelines for safe and socially distant event protocol. Regularly sanitized restroom facility, roped off areas available for RSVP and sani-stations everywhere. 

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Disk Golf and More

Did you Know that the Fairgrounds have an Amazing Disk Golf Course? 

Local Food & Vendors

Food Trucks and Specialty Vendors Ready to Serve the Dank Goods.

Leave No Trace in Affect

Our Festival Grounds are Sacred, No Trash Left Behind, We Recycle!

Raising Funds For Musicians

All Profits Get Split Among the Contributing Musicians and Staff. 


Wham Bam Thank You Fam

The Pandemic has hit our community hard, especially the local artists, musicians and stage/event production crews. Our only mission is to help raise some much needed funds for our creative community. All funds raised will be split evenly among all contributing artists and creative community members involved in this event. If you have and idea, or would like to help, contribute, donate or have any questions please contact the fam here > contact us


Safety First

There will be social distancing guidelines posted on site. Masks are required in lines, while ordering food, while dancing or in crowds, and will be peacefully enforced. We will also have fever meters at all entrances. Hand washing and sanitizing stations within site, anywhere you go to keep the spread of disease to a minimum. 

Grounds Map

Check the layout. Two areas of Sound, lots of Food Trucks & Vendors! 


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